Women–Humanity’s Best Hope (Updated 09/01/15)

Women Our Best Hope

Women, Our Best Hope

It’s the Christmas season 2014; so, the obvious beginning of this post is to point out that Jesus of Nazareth, if history be true, chose to be born of a woman, as every man up to the present has had to do. Jesus also treated women with respect and again, if history be true, included women in his inner circle. Of course, the male guardians of christian history would not agree with that last statement, because their focus has been to keep women as far in the background of history as possible.

It’s one of our best kept secrets that men and women are not equal, women are  superior in a very significant way. They are also the most abused minority in the world and have been since the beginning of recorded time, because men have known this hidden fact. I’ve written about the historical indications of this before, but this post is a look at the practical applications in a world that is rapidly falling apart because of the dominance of the violence of men. Pope Francis said in his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square on April 15, 2015 that, “We have not yet understood in depth what things the feminine genius can give us, that woman can give to society and also to us. Perhaps to see things with different eyes that complements the thoughts of men,” he said.

It Is Time to Stop Our Left-brain Dominance

I am passionate about women, because they are the last, best hope for humankind to survive and prosper in this male-dominated world that is fast falling apart. It’s time to stop this insane emphasis on the male left brain, analytical dominance and balance it with the female right brain, creative mind that has all of the new answers we need in our crazy world. One of the main obstacle to this is the trend of women trying to become like men, just to survive in a male-dominant world. We need women to be who they naturally are and guide us to the solutions our world desperately needs.

My mother is the catalyst for my passion. She was a brilliant, loving, compassionate person who had to study her nutritional texts during the night while my father slept, so as not to upset him. She gave into the dominance of the men in her life, because she had been brainwashed since birth by her catholic religion to believe that men were to be obeyed, because the bible says so and because they represented the male god-figure promoted in the bible. She lived to take care of the men in her life as her mother had, never fulfilling her desire to learn nor her dreams that remained her secret. The stroke that ended her life was, in my opinion the culmination of a life of internalized anger and frustration with her fate of being born female in a male-dominated world.

But, the world as we know it has always been male-hormone and male-left-sided-brain dominant as I documented in that same post sighted above, and we have always had violence and war. And, no, violence is not natural to humans, it is a learned behavior–taught from father to son. Terrorists are made, not born.

War and violence is a male thing. Being physically stronger than females, note the spelling of that last word, males became the hunters and protectors of their groups, and male children were trained to do the same. They were also taught that they were superior to women in most other important ways. They were also given life by women and so spent the rest of their lives trying to shake off that mother-dominated feeling.

It is Time to Balance Our Brain

It’s time to change this, but we’ll only change it if we are aware of it and admit the truth of it. Women are primarily superior, because they have a balanced brain that is right-brain dominant. It is the right hemisphere of our brain that has the power to create new solutions to all the new problems that we encounter everyday of our lives. Humans have never lived in our kind of world before. In the first place, there are now billions of us moving around the planet everyday and intermingling with billions of humans who have different belief systems, different languages, and different experiences. This is causing what is referred to as “ a clash of cultures,” and creating a dangerous situation for us all. Just note the protests in Germany against the “islamisation of Europe,” and the latest example of IS that sees the slavery of women as “a sign of improvement.”In the twenty-first century, the plight of women has improved somewhat, but that slight improvement has simply pushed their plight, and humankind’s, more in the background.

The place of women is in the lead, and men have been terrified of that. We desperately need women who are real women, not make-believe men. We need women who are not afraid to use their whole brain to help solve the overwhelming problems that we are now facing and will be increasingly facing in our world, and teach their sons to do the same. Even in their so-called negotiations, men seek to dominate one another. Our American politics is an example of the unwillingness to cooperate, to negotiate, to compromise; the only emphasis is on dominating, to winning. The only end of that attitude is our destruction, and we are headed in that direction. We still maintain our stockpile of nuclear weapons and, in fact, continue to modernized them. This is the height of the male emphasis on physical domination. We need women to take their natural place in the lead along with men, and we need men to recognize their special abilities and support them. In that same audience sited above, Pope Francis said that men and women are meant to be complementary, and he encouraged them to “treat each other with respect and cooperate with friendship.”

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