What’s Real Anymore?!

We Must Take Charge of Our Mind

Take Charge of Your

Just came across a couple of articles in USA Today and The Washington Post about the Southern Poverty Law Center that is very disturbing if true. These are opinion pieces that claim that the SPLC is a “hate-based scam.’ The first author wrote and edited for the Family Research Council which, she said, the SPLC labeled as a “hate group.” This designation, she says, almost got her killed by a gunman that picked her office because of it. She claims, “along with a host of other mainstream publications,” that SPLC is “an insanely wealthy marketing scam…and are reporting on the corruption and widening credibility gap.”

So hence the title of this post. “Fake News,” is an accepted reality in our crazy world that we are now alerted to be on guard for, all the time. How do we know what’s real and what’s not? First of all, I look at the source of the information. There are a few news outlets that I trust, and the others I just pass over. But my best source of truth is my own innate intelligence. Our incredible creative, intuitive mind is aware of everything going on around us all the time. It knows what is truthful and what is not. The danger is that we are seriously misusing our brain, so it’s not working right for us.

We Think Too Much! 

The overload of data and information bombarding us from media sources distracts us from being aware of the information streaming to us from our all-knowing innate intelligence. We are literally thinking too much. You see, our brain waves are physical sources of energy that flow through our brain. When we are overloaded with thought, those waves of energy are blocking our creative intelligence from getting through to us with what’s really going on. There is a huge difference between our beta brain waves of so-called rational thought coming from our left hemisphere and the alpha waves of intuitive intelligence from our right hemisphere. Beta waves show up as high-spiked waves on the electroencephalogram, and alpha waves are long, relaxed waves that are produced when our mind is calm and quiet. 

The Hemispheres of Our Brain

Liam McGilchrist wrote the book The Master and the Emissary, a three-hundred-page tome about the difference between our two hemispheres. His conclusion is that the right hemisphere is the master, and the left is the emissary, because it is the right that comes up with all the new information ever produced, and the left that makes it happen for us. But after all those pages, McGilchrist still admits that he doesn’t know why this happens. The answer is that it happens because the right hemisphere is in touch with all the wisdom and information flowing to us from numerous sources in the universe, and it funnels it to us when we need it. But if we’re not aware of our innate intelligence because we’re blocking it, all that wisdom and information are lost to us.

For instance, in this time of danger everywhere, my favorite cafe I’m in right now would be a “soft target” for anyone wanting to make a name of him or herself. But I know that I am safe because my innate intelligence tells me so. All I have to do is wonder about my safety, and I get the answer “You’re fine, Stephen.” If there were danger approaching, the answer I would be, “There is a disturbance in The force coming your way. It’s time to leave.” You see, The Force is real and our innate intelligence is always aware of what’s happening in It because we’re all in it and can do nothing without it. It is the source of all life.

How to Keep in Touch

There is a simple way to be in touch with our innate intelligence all of the time. It is a science-based technique for training the brain to automatically keep us calm and relaxed, and it’s free on this site. Without this ability to be centered, calm and relaxed we are at the mercy of the elements of our crazy world filled with danger and confusion. That’s why there is so much anxiety and fear today. The number of people killed by drivers running red lights has spiked because people don’t want to wait at lights. It makes them uneasy when they sit there with nothing to do. Antsy and unable to stand to be alone with themselves even for a little while they text, they have the radio blaring or sit there imagining the terrible things that may be about to happen in their lives. I’ve time red lights and found that none of them last for more than one minute. But that’s too much time for many people to be alone with themselves, so they run the light and kill others. 

The Way is Simple and Free

There is a simple way to deal with this and it’s free on this site. A technique that will train the brain to automatically keep us calm and relaxed is here for anyone at least intellectually interested enough to check it out. In fact, I guarantee it will work if it is done exactly as prescribed. Now it’s up to you. 

 For those, especially women, interested in learning to overcome fear and chaos and understand how powerful they are, Stephen has founded The Institute for Creative Living™, both a virtual and physical center for learning how to use our creative, survival intelligence, to live more safely and prosperously in every way. There is one simple thing that can transform our lives, and that information is free on this site.


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