Water Can Help Wash Our Emotional Troubles Away

Now There’s Another Reason to Carry that Water Bottle

I had a little tiff with my wife this morning. If  you’ve been following this blog, you might think this is unusual, but I’ve also said often that I’m not a special human being. My wife will verify that. Anyway, it was a small thing, and I used several of my mind tools and couldn’t let it go. Then, I remembered something I had read recently about hormones being water soluble. I grabbed my water bottle and downed half of it. What do you know. It wasn’t long before the irritation began to subside and, before I got to the cafe where I write, it was all gone, and I was my calm self again. A simple but powerful piece of information to put in our emotional toolbox. Not all hormones are water-soluble but adrenaline and cortisol, two of the most prevalent and  powerful ones, are.

Once the hormones begin to flow, it’s hard to stop them. They rapidly course through our blood stream, triggering emotions of every kind. We are very much aware of the effects of our sex hormones, and men have been advised for generations to “go take a cold shower.” Adrenaline and cortisol are the most dangerous and damaging of what I call our emotional cocktails when they are are triggered by false fear and anger. Originally, their job was to to pump us up to be able to face danger and fight or run away. Most of the time in our modern society, fighting or running away are not appropriate actions to take, because we seldom face real danger. On the contrary, we are often deluged with imaginary danger and psychological fear that produce powerful hormone flow that causes great psychological and physical damage.

Stress is Killing Millions Every Year

Millions of people are dying of stress-related diseases every year, and millions more are debilitated by stress produced by the hormones dumped in our bloods stream by false danger that we can’t run from nor fight. If our boss is angry with us, and we feel our job is threatened, in this economy that’s a real danger; but, to run or to fight would be obviously counter-productive. So, what happens is, our body dumps in these hormones but they have no place to go. They are not dissipated by fighting nor running; so, they ramrod around in our body, causing great damage to our organs and joints. This is happening many times a day, usually stimulated by false fear and the stress it ultimately causes. After years of this assault, our body begins to break down. Cortisol is particularly damaging, and allowing it to flow through our body, day after day, is like soaking our joints and organs in acid, and the results are predicable.

Drinking water when we become aware that we are unnecessarily stressed is a good but temporary solution that can come in very handy in a pinch, but there’s a much more permanent solution. It’s called Alpha Neuro Training, or A.N.T., a simple science based technique I developed when I was in desperate need of something to calm me down. There was a time when I was depressed, anxious, had vague thoughts of not wanting to live anymore, and I was a rager.  When I look that word up in the dictionary, it doesn’t exist, because I coined it. It means someone who rages without cause or control. I use to come home from work, and if my children had an accident, like spilling a glass of milk, I’d go ballistic. I never hurt anyone, but I scared them a lot, and I hated it and felt very guilty. I didn’t know why it happened, and I didn’t know how to stop it. Fortunately, I found the solution.

Training Your Brain to Keep You Calm

I came across a book called The Relaxation Response by Dr. Herbert Benson, a Harvard cardiologist and world-famous thoracic surgeon. Dr. Benson discovered in his research what he called the relaxation response which, he said, can keep us calm automatically and is a natural function of every human brain. I was highly motivated, you could say desperate, and so I used his simple technique as prescribed twice a day and, with in ten months it turned my life around, and the raging stopped.

After these stunning results, I thought to myself, “If Dr. Benson says this relaxation response is a natural part of every human brain, why do have to keep using it twice a day?” The answer that came back from my creative brain, now that I had calmed down most of the twelve lanes of rush-hour traffic of thoughts in my head, was, “Because you have to train it to do that again.”

“How do I do that, I asked again?”

“Remember Palov’s dog,” came the answer? Yes, I thought, the Pavlovian response. Sure, why not? Classic conditioning, it’s happening to us all the time usually without our permission; so, why not use it deliberately to help myself? So, I developed a simple way to factor the relaxation response back into the brain so that it works automatically and keeps me calm, clear and relaxed most of the time. I’m not special, as I’ve said, but I did learn how to do this, and I now share it with you. A.N.T., or Alpha Neuro Training, is for anyone who is truly motivated to move to a new level of living, a level that is, most often, beyond the reaches of fear and stress. Then, you too can say, “Stress doesn’t even know where I live anymore!”

For those interested in evolving their life to the next level and living better now, Stephen has founded The Institute for Creative Living,  both a virtual and physical center for learning how to use our minds more creatively and live our lives more safely and prosperously in every way. All of the key information on the website is free. He is accepting new local (Tucson, Arizona) and Internet students. He speaks on many topics of health and wellness, but especially enjoys teaching children how to protect themselves from stress and how to study, learn and test easily and more effectively

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