Trump Diagnosis

We Are In Danger

Families Separated

“ Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We’ve heard this quote forever, but today we see it being played out on the international stage, and people are dying because of it. The cause is one person who is the “fake” president of the United States.  

Taking a cursory look at his life, you would not expect this except for a hidden secret that happens to many men who don’t bond with their fathers. An attachment disorder follows them throughout their lives and often drastically affects their behavior. To be given a lot of money by one’s father but have him be emotionally distant is a terrible combination. When money takes the place of love and affection, money becomes the go-to, to try and find that missing essential piece. Psychically, this creates an emptiness deep inside that hides an anger that can erupt when fear strikes. 

Reactive Attachment Disorder

Anger is always caused by fear, and in the case of what is called Reactive Attachment Disorder, the deep trigger of that fear is the emptiness created by the lack of love and caring of parents or a parent in early childhood. In Trump’s case, we never hear about his mother at all, and his father is mentioned only in relation to the huge sums of money he gave him from the age of three months.

A friend of mine was a teacher who worked with children with this diagnosis. She found them easily disturbed and, when frightened, often erupting in anger that lashed out any human in sight who took the place of that absent parent.

The Danger Grows More immanent

If we look honestly at the current life of the person we’re discussing, we see this latent fear rising more and more to the surface, and those close to him describing him as being out of control. Unfortunately, this is a person in control of the most powerful country in the world. With a word, this person can and does influence the economic and safety situations of many other countries. The world we live in today is in turmoil enough without one person being able to create more at a whim of fancy by a Tweet.

The Trigger of Impeachment

At this time, this individual is in a dire position of possible, and probable, impeachment or removal from office, and even legal jeopardy. So his personal life is being threatened as well, and fear has overtaken him. Even his political cohorts who have protected and defended him for years are beginning to distance themselves. This puts him and the whole world in a dangerous situation because he has the codes to weapons that could destroy much if not most of the world. This is no exaggeration. He is already responsible for the deaths of many innocent people in Syria by giving a green light to another dangerous autocrat who wants to eliminate a whole population of people who he considers a threat to him. In fact, he’s already in the process of doing this. This autocrat is another sick male who is striking out in fear, supported by the first sick male and president of the US. 

Primitive Males and Thousands of years of Havoc 

These ‘primitive males,” as I call them, the likes of which have been causing endless suffering and death for thousands of years, are very aggressive and manipulate themselves into positions of power. They are also the ones who have suppressed women for these thousands of years because they fear their power, They know that women possess inherent abilities that men do not have. These primitive males are responsible for the “institution” of marriage and monogamy, which were developed by them to keep women subservient to them. It’s been obvious forever that there is a “double standard” for these institutions that allows men, but not women to break these rules and get away with it. Even as recently as two years ago, a couple was accused of an “adulterous” relationship in a country that prohibits that by law. The woman was stoned to death, but the man was set free! Could there be a more obvious example of the double standard with men in control than that?! 

Let’s Call Him What He Is

It is time to understand clearly what’s happening and deal with the root cause of it. Psychiatrists have been hesitant to diagnose this person as mentally ill. But, there was a letter signed by no less than four hundred mental health professionals insinuating that he is mentally sick and needs help. Unfortunately, he has been protected by those who are using him for their own political gain but, as I said, this monangery is falling apart as he has crossed a line and become a clear detriment to them. Proceedings have been initiated to remove him from office, and there are clear signs that his own party may end up doing this hopefully before he does more damage. He has already decimated much of the legacy of President Obama who he hates because Obama is loved and respected throughout the world. Most of the laws that President Obama is responsible for that have protected our environment are already repealed and replaced by those that give free access to fossil fuel companies to destroy precious areas of our country purely for the sake of financial gain. 

The Solution

Drawing this together, it is clear that this person is suffering from RAD and needs to be removed from office and put in treatment for his illness before he does even more damage and possibly decimates the world with nuclear power. As his fear deepens, his destructive urges will increase, and he will lash out at anyone who speaks out against him–in this case most of the world.

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