Terrorists’ Main Weapon is Our Own Mind

The Cause of Fear is our Own Thoughts

Danger is real, the cause fear is not. Terrorists win, because their tactics cause fear which is nothing but thought that we ourselves allow to take over our emotions. The million plus people who crowded the Paris streets to show solidarity after the attack on the newspaper were really showing their solidarity in fear. The newscasts that night were all filled with the news of the fear that was flooding France, Europe and the rest of the world, because of a very few human beings who did despicable things to deliberately frighten us. That’s precisely why they’re call terrorists, and we are letting them succeed. Our own thought is the real danger, because the trigger for fear is only a thought that we allow to trip the wire of the emotion called fear that, in turn, overwhelms us. For example, we might think to ourselves without even realizing, “What if that were my son, or daughter, that was beheaded? How would I feel?” Suddenly, in our mind that person becomes our son or daughter, and we’ve tripped the wire and the hormones of fear begin to flow in our veins.

The terrorists are using our omnipresent news media that is the cause of much of our fears, because it is throwing at us every possible terrible happening that will keep our eyes glued to the small screen so they can sell more advertising. This is a very calculated objective planned by the psychologist that they hire. Just look at the predominance of horror stories in the print and TV media. One after another they dump the images into our mind’s hard drive, i.e. our subconscious mind, that believes all of it as presented, because that’s what it is designed to do.

I just did a search for the world is now safer,” and you’d be amazed that it is! Statistically, the world is safer now than ever. We talk about the “good old days,” but the past was much nastier than today. “Over the past two decades, murder and robbery in the U.S. are down by more than half, and rape by a third. Terrorism is a threat, but deaths from war are a fraction of what they were half a century ago. We wax nostalgic about the past, but the past was much nastier than today.”

The News Media Deliberately Frightens Us

I know that many will not want to believe that, because we are so inundated with horrible news today. Every day it seems to get worse, and there are new horrors like never before seen. It always amazes me how creative people can be in their mistreatment of fellow humans. What we are experiencing, though, is the increase  of fear, and fear is ONLY the result of thought, thought produced by media images that impress themselves on our brain’s hard drive that takes in facts at the rate of 100,000 bits of data per second and believes it all, because that’s what it naturally does. You see, our mind’s hard drive, our subconscious, is neutral and doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies, fact and fiction. It simply accepts everything as the truth, and those thoughts, often in the form of memories, remains there forever until we actively delete them. Yes, not only can we protect ourselves from the threat of fear, but we can get rid of it from our hard drive, and we must or the amount of fear will continue to grow, because it gets triggered often throughout the day.

We Can Be The Master of Our Mind

There are two ways to get rid of fear-based thoughts. One is to use a simple technique devised by Dr. Emile Cue a hundred years ago. Dr. Cue was famous all over Europe for helping people heal themselves of physical, mental and emotional issues by using his simple technique while they slept. That’s right, while they slept. It acts like an antivirus program for the brain’s hard drive, and we don’t even have to believe it for it to work. There are no bad side effects, and you’re sleeping anyway; so, why not use it.(link) The bottom line is that we must take control of our mind, or it will be taken control of by other people and things. I’ve been in mental health as a leader and therapist for almost fifty years, so I can tell you that I’m not talking about paranoia here. Corporations spend billions of dollars to get their messages into our hard drives, because they know that once there, they will be there forever. The media is one of those corporations, or many of them, that take advantage of this well-known psychological knowledge to keep our eye balls on the small screen so they can sell more advertising. Folks, it is literally killing us, and most don’t even know it’s happening. They’re absorbing the negative energy of the images of war, terrorism, and the many personal horrors thrown at us with every news telecast, and those images in turn trigger the fears that roam around in our minds.

There is still another method doesn’t have to wait until we’ve cleaned up the hard drive, but would be extremely beneficial to start immediately, because it will stop the flow of fear-based thought that I call the twelve lanes of rush-hour traffic in our heads. Fear is only thought, usually triggered by memories; and, thought is nothing but electromagnetic energy flowing through our brain. It can be controlled, and our brain can be reconditioned and reclaimed through this simple, science-based technique that will train your brain to automatically keep you calm and instantly ready for any action that is necessary or beneficial for you at each moment of your life. Your brain is your tool, your servant ready to do your bidding, to follow your commands, but most have no idea this is true. We must be the master of our mind, or we will be forever dominated by fear.

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