The Silver Bullet

Instructions To Heal The Wounds In Your Mind From The Past

It is very rare to find the silver bullet, that is, a cure-all or one that comes close to it. Dr. Emil Cue’ was famous all over Europe for helping many people help themselves in many ways from relieving fears and phobias to curing physical problems, and he gave them all the exact same advice. His technique was brilliant but simple. He knew four things about the subconscious mind upon which he built his method.

1) The subconscious dominates both our subconscious and conscious decision-making,

2) It never sleeps.

3) All the information it receives is accepted as the truth.

4) The best time to influence the subconscious is when the conscious mind is absent or asleep.

Emile Cue may well have been the first to formally use what we now know as positive affirmations. They have been very popular in the positive-thinking movement. However, deliberate positive thinking, or positive thinking that is forced and contrived is most often useless, because the conscious mind will reject it because it does not accept or believe it. Without being accepted into the subconscious, those positive thought will have little or no affect. This is precisely why Dr. Cue recommended using his therapeutic phrase while sleeping, so that the pessimistic, doubting, realistic, pragmatic conscious mind won’t be able to block it from getting where it needs to go. This method, then, gives us a powerful way to influence the subconscious for our own benefit. That’s why this method comes as close as possible to being a silver bullet.

 Instructions (from Dr. Cue’)

(To gain maximum results in the shortest time, these instructions must be followed exactly.)

1. Write the following phrase in your own handwriting five times on a piece of paper. (Only needs to be done once.)

Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.

2. Just before going to bed, read over slowly what you’ve written.

3. When ready to sleep and starting to drift, repeat the phrase two or three times in your mind.

4. Command your brain to repeat it while you sleep, and it will.

5. Do the above consistently each night for at least thirty days or, better yet, until you get the expected results.

Expected Results

1. Neutralizes much of the old, negative subconscious content.

2. Eliminates fearful thoughts originating in the subconscious.

3. Automatically finds new ways to make life better and better.

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