Alpha Neuro-Training

The Next Step in Human Evolution is Conscious Evolution

We Are in Our Own Best Hands

The next step in evolution is a choice. Each of us has within us a life guide to mind mastery and personal empowerment. This enlightenment guide has every personal answer we will ever need as we move through our days. Those answers are always available in our mind, but most are not aware of them because of all the head noise. Alpha Neuro-Training™ was designed by Stephen to help himself to clear his mind so that he could be aware of his life guide all the time to achieve mind mastery. It worked for him, and it will work for you if you are motivated enough to use it as directed for as long as it takes. Few in the world know the power of this one step, based on little-known science, to keep  your mind free to renew your life. Another amazing characteristic of this technique is that each person can determine what level of stress is too much. Some like the “adrenalin rush,” but even for them there is a limit.

Dr. Herbert Benson

In his research outlined in his book, The Relaxation Response, Herbert Benson showed that the relaxation response is a natural ability of our minds that is not being used because of our overloaded lifestyle. Stephen has taken Dr. Benson’s work to the next level and developed this simple, science-based technique called Alpha Neuro Training, as a way of reintroducing that natural ability into the brain so it can automatically create inner calm and keep your mind clear and creative all the time. The calm, clear and creative mind-space this technique reestablishes is our primary mind, where we can find our creative intelligence that keeps us safe, gives us all our answers and leads us to mind mastery, joy and abundance of all kinds. Alpha Training takes us beyond meditation which is no longer enough to keep us balanced in our crazy, new world.

However, many who have used this written version of Alpha Neuro Training have told Stephen that because of all their overwhelming head noise, they have had great difficulty using it consistently enough and long enough to get the desired results. If that turns out to be the case for you, know that Stephen as put together audio, called A Peaceful Place Within in his healing voice that can guide you in the next step to a new mind and a new life. Try the free alpha neuro-training instructions first and see how you do with them. You can always come back to the audios if there are too many thoughts in your mind.

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