Taking Control of Your Mind

Train Your Brain and Attain Mind Mastery


…and remember what peace there may be in silence.


Why Free? Stephen feels that training the brain by using Alpha Neuro-Training™, introduced here, is so critically important to every human being in attaining mind mastery and the evolution of consciousness, that it belongs to everyone BY RIGHT and therefore MUST BE FREE.

Alpha Neuro-Training™

Alpha Training™ is a one-step guide to taking control of your mind. Training the brain and attaining mind mastery is essential in our crazy world. You could call this technique a lazy persons guide, because all you have to do is sit back  and enjoy the deep rest of  the alpha waves, AS DIRECTED, consistently enough to quiet your mind, control your fight and flight response, and train the brain to change your brain waves from noisy to calm, cloudy to clear. Then you will SEE and seeing, or understanding clearly in the moment, is what Stephen calls practical enlightenment, or everyday enlightenment.


Then, after using Alpha Training™ long enough, with mind mastery permanently yours, you can say goodbye to chronic stress, the effects of stress on the body, and say goodnight to insomnia. Once you learn how to stay in this clear, quiet, peaceful, creative space that is your primary mind, all your answers are available from the inner voice of wisdom and life just flows with


Alpha Training™ takes you beyond meditation, where a new mind is permanently established that can see, understand and set you free from anything that is standing in your way of becoming all you want to be. This calm, quiet, creative state of mind automatically draws abundance of all kinds to us. It is the element most often missing in the application of the law of attraction, because the universe does not hear our words, it feels the vibration of the core of our being. If our core is noisy and contradictory, no matter what we say, the universe cannot manifest for us, because it is not getting a clear message from us. So, mind mastery is essential to maintaining a consistent vibrational level, and Alpha Training™ establishes the state of mind in which we can train the brain to do that.

Of course, after saying all that, Alpha Training™ is still one of the most excellent techniques available anywhere for stress relief, a quick way to de-stress and get to sleep after a rough day. Try the free written instructions, or the downloadable mp3. Authentic power is a natural result of its persistent use.

The Genius of Dr. Emile Cue′

This second technique, that Stephen calls “Theta Training,” is a wonderful complement to Alpha Training, because it helps to eliminate much of the distracting background noise of the subconscious mind that, along with the twelve lanes of rush-hour traffic in our conscious minds, blocks our creative intelligence from giving us all the answers that we need as we move through our life. And, even better, it works best while you sleep. What could be easier?

USED TOGETHER persistently, these two techniques train the brain by clearing the subconscious of unnecessary baggage, balancing the brain, and creating a consistent inner calm that is the foundation of mind mastery and of  safe, joyful and abundant living. Together, they can create an inner peace and authentic power that sets your new mind free to open to your inner genius that has all the answers you will ever need.

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