Sex is Natural and Wonderful

So, you can’t stop us from looking and fantasizing!

       Sex is Beautiful      

Despite all the hubbub these days, seemingly to the contrary, sex is natural and good. There is a huge difference between natural sexual attraction and pathological harassment. Let’s be very clear. Sexual harassment of any kind is not just a character flaw, it is a pathological addiction that must be exposed and treated for what it really is. Let’s not let this get in the way of the fun of mutual flirting and hooking up, whether it’s for a one nighter or a permanent relationship.

Sexual intimacy is privilege, and one of the most beautiful gifts that we can share with each other. But, it is a gift freely given and not to be stolen. Real men who appreciate real women know this and would never think of abusing a woman. It is the “primitive males,” as I call them, the likes of which have been abusing and controlling women for thousands of years. Because this kind of male is very aggressive, they have manipulated themselves into positions of power throughout human history and have suppress women systematically for one simple but powerful reason. They are afraid of them, because they have always known that women are superior.

Men and Women are not Equal, Women are Superior

Just think about it. Every man is given life itself by a woman, and is nurtured by her for many years. Primitive males spend the rest of their lives seeing every woman through that subconscious lens and trying to break this maternal bond.

Secondly, women have a much greater capacity for sexual pleasure than men do, and this terrifies primitive males, because it gives women the freedom to choose their partners, as many of them as they want. Think about this, too. We would not be more than seven billion on the planet now if ancient women had only one sexual partner for life. Monogamy is not natural, it was created by primitive males to protect their property, their women. I happened to come in on a polygamous TV show my wife was watching. The husband had four wives, and one of them had the audacious nerve to ask if it would be alright if she had another husband. The horrid look on the husband’s face said it all, but he followed it up with a very strong, “Hell, no!!” A primative male for sure, who wants as many women as he can get and has no intention of giving them equal freedom.

Thirdly, and most frightening for primitive males, women use their brains much more effectively than men. In fact, they use them like Einstein used his, both hemispheres in sync. He received his inspirations about our universe from his creative, intuitive brain and then verified them with the math that he knew in his left, analytical brain. We need our whole brain to live safely and prosperously in the 21st Century, because it is only our right hemisphere that can give us new solutions to the new challenges we face everyday. The left hemisphere, which men use almost exclusively, can only give solutions to problems we already have the answers to in our memories, our libraries or in someone else’s brain we call an expert. Because they use their creative, intuitive mind more than males, we desperately need women to work with men to solve the existential problems we face today, or we will not survive the 21st Century.

Environmental Consciousness and Male Insecurity

“Not only, according to researchers, do women generally have a greater environmental conscience when it comes to the planet we currently live on, but the same researchers have found a connection between men’s insecurity about their masculinity and their lack of environmental conscience. Apparently, caring for the planet is perceived to be a “feminine” quality and concern; the psychology of toxic masculinity spills over into the unethical disregard for the environment.”

Continuing in her very enlightening article, The Patriarchal Race to Colonize Mars is Just Another Example of Male Entitlement, Marcie Bianco says, “This masculine insecurity is everywhere in American culture and, increasingly, American politics. Trump himself has spoken about making sure our nuclear bomb is “bigger and more powerful and can often be found “bragging about building a “beautiful,” “great, great wall.”

Right now, there is a robot dummy propped up in the driver’s seat of a red Tesla convertible, flying through space, away from the man made garbage fires devouring Earth.

Houston, we have a problem.

And it patriarchy.”

For those, especially women interested in learning to overcome fear and chaos and understand how powerful they are, Stephen has founded The Institute for Creative Living™, both a virtual and physical center for learning how to use our creative, survival intelligence, to live more safely and prosperously in every way. There is one simple thing that can transform our lives, and that information is free on this site.

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