Why Would Powerful Men Harass Women?

Many Powerful Men Lack Confidence

  Women Are Superior

Powerful men are not really powerful. “I think he wanted to take my power so he could feel powerful,” Tina Johnson told Kelly

This is the key to why “powerful men” harass women. “Primitive males” lack real self-confidence. Let me first make the distinction between real men and primitive males. Real men, who vastly outnumber primitive males, appreciate real women and support them. They would never think of abusing them, because they know that sexual intimacy is a privilege. Primitive males, on the other hand, have always been afraid of real women and want to control them in anyway they can. These males are very aggressive and often manipulate themselves into positions of power.

Powerful males often do not feel powerful, they feel scared especially when they’re in the presence of strong women. These are the ones I call primitive males, the likes of which have been abusing women for thousands of years. First, by using their greater physical strength, which is still evident in domestic violence, and then through their dominance in social and political organizations. They want to keep women under their control, because they know how powerful they are. On the other hand, most women realize their power, because they have given up their superiority for a place in today’s male-dominated world.

Why Primitive Males are Afraid of Women

There are three main reasons why primitive males are afraid of women. Firstly, every male is given life itself by a woman, and is nurtured by her for many years. Secondly, women are much more capable of sexual pleasure than males. Thirdly, and most importantly, primitive males know that real women use their brain much more effectively than males.

Primitive Males Will Destroy Us

Real men though, applaud and support real women in using their power to enhance the human race. In fact, without real women showing males how to use their intuitive brain to solve the existential problems that we face us today, we will not survive the 21st century. It’s as simple and important as that. Men and women must work together to solve these problems, because it is only our creative, intuitive brain that can come up with the new solutions we need. All we have to do is look around our world today, and we’ll see the mess the primitive males are making with wars everywhere. This is their go-to solution, because this is what their analytical, thinking brain tells them to do. It is a solution that has been decimating us for thousands of year and will ultimately destroy us unless we come up with a new one. We now have the weapons of mass destruction that will be used unless we see clearly that they are not an option and take new steps to eliminate them.

We Need Women to be Real Women to Save Us

The latest phrase making the rounds is, “Think like a women, act like a man.” This highlights the balanced brain that receives new inspirations of new solutions through the intuitive brain, and then implements them using the analytical, thinking brain.This is how Einstein solved many of the mysteries of our universe, and how real women use their brain. Both women and men have this ability, but women use it more naturally, because they’ve inherited it from our ancient mothers whose job it was to protect their children from predators when their men went off to hunt. Without our ancient mothers being able to sense when predators were approaching, we would not be here today. Without women showing men how to use this same intuitive sense, we will not survive much longer. We desperately need women to be real women. They need to know that by using their superior ability, they will be successful in whatever they choose to accomplish in life and play a major role in saving our species.

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