The Age of Aquarius Has Passed

Inner Peace in Our Time

    Be at Peace Within

Known as the age of peace, Aquarius has passed but we can still have inner peace even with little peace in the world. 

There is no reason why we must be ruled by the masses. There is no reason why we cannot be at peace within ourselves! Inner peace is a very personal experience that arises from being centered in love and compassion, first for ourselves and then for others. Love yourself first! We cannot give what we do not have. If our bank account is depleted there’s nothing to give. But if we give of the interest, there’s always more to give. 

How do we maintain our bank account of inner peace and compassion in spite of all the horror being thrown at us by the media every day!? By realizing that we are not controlled unless we give up control. That control is ours and remains ours as we remain in our center, our place of peace that exists always as we live in The Force.

The Force is Real

Yes, The Force is real! It is the power that holds us all in existence and is known by many names. In my book, The Whisper in Your Heart: An Ancient Sacred for Modern Survival and Prosperity, I list over fifty different names for it in English and other languages. We know what it is, but most do not know how to use it for maximum safety and prosperity. It’s kind of like having a million dollars in a bank account but not knowing where the bank is or even that it exists at all!! All that money is of no use if we can’t get to it. 

The difference here is that The Force is always available to us, every moment of every day, and all we have to do is have the intention of being in it and using it. How? I’ve devised a simple, science-based technique for training the brain to automatically be quiet and relaxed. In that relaxed state, we are automatically in The Force, swimming in its power, protection, and prosperity. 

Our Innate Intelligence

As I sit here writing in my favorite cafe, I know that I’m safe even though it could be seen as a “soft target” because of all the people that come here. I know I’m OK because my Innate Intelligence, my creative, intuitive mind, is aware of everything taking place around me 24/7. If there were a “disturbance in the Force” coming my way, It would let me know and tell me to leave.

How does it let me know? Just as our thinking, the analytical brain is always “talking” to us, mostly about negative things in our life, so too our creative right hemisphere is talking to us about the things that will keep us safe, prosperous and happy. One day I was taking a shower and felt a lump under my arm. Alarmed because of our programming about lumps and cancer, I immediately felt a fear transfixing me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes! But, because I am in touch with my Innate Intelligence and know that It knows everything happening n my body, I asked: “what is this lump?!” The immediate answer was, “It’s the aluminumchlorohydrate in your antiperspirant that’s clogging up your lymph node.”I didn’t even know that I knew the word “aluminumchorolydrate” much less knew its effects on my body, but my Innate Intelligence did. “What should I do about it?” I asked. “Stop using it!! Was the immediate reply.” I did and the lump was gone in a few days. What would I and my family have had to go through getting a diagnosis if I didn’t know how to do this?

Another eye-opening event took place as I was commuting to work on I-10 in Phoenix. The six lanes were always packed with racing traffic. I was very careful and this time was no exception. I was on the inner lane and wanted to move into the center lane. I checked all mirrors and was about to make the switch as the car I was waiting to pass me did so. Just as I turned my wheel to move into the lane, my Innate Intelligence practically yelled “NOT NOW!” and I touched my brakes and turned back in my lane as a car in the outer lane decided to occupy the same space I was aiming toward. Another tragedy avoided. 

An Amazing Life-saving Discovery

From rattlesnakes in the desert to telephone scams and bad investments, my Innate Intelligence has been with me ever since I discovered it after spending five years helping a woman cure herself of terminal cancer. My book, The Whisper in Your Heart: An Ancient Secret for Modern Survival and Prosperity, tells this story and teaches readers how to find their own Innate Intelligence. Without this ability, we will not survive the 21st Century, because it is only the right hemisphere of our brain that has all the new information we need to live each day in this crazy new world. Unfortunately, most people are not using this powerful part of their brains because science as inadvertently programmed us through its scientific method to believe that our thinking, the analytical brain has all our answers. It does not! Our analytical brain only has the answers that are stored in our memory, in our libraries, and in the memories of so-called experts. It cannot come up with anything new. 

Our Balanced Brain

Ian McGilchrist spends three hundred pages of his book, “The Master and the Emissary,” showing the vast difference between the right and left hemispheres of our brain. He shows that the “master” is our right hemisphere and the left is its “emissary.” But, at the end of all these pages, he admits that he doesn’t know why! I know why, and the answer is pure science.

The right hemisphere of our brain is the “master,” because it is our creative, intuitive mind that is the only part of our brain that comes up with new and creative ideas. Even science knows that there can be no research without a hypothesis, a theory, a new idea. Those jump out at us from our right hemisphere, and then our left, analytical brain is the “emissary” that uses its stored data to carry out the research method to discover whether or not there is something new to learn. The left hemisphere is dependent on the information stored in our memories, our libraries and the memories of those we call experts. 

We Are Seriously Misusing Our Brains

So it is our creative, intuitive mind that has every answer we will ever need as we move through our lives. It is constantly streaming that information to us in real-time as we need it. Unfortunately, most of us are seriously misusing our brains by thinking too much. Because our brain waves are real, physical energy and electromagnetic energy go out beyond us or they would not affect the electroencephalograph that measures them. As we quiet down these incessant thoughts constantly infusing our mind, our creative, intuitive brain, that I call our innate intelligence, can be recognized streaming to us all the life-saving information it has for us. It’s an automatic response and all we have to do is be open to it. 

This contact with our innate intelligence is a must in the 21st Century or else we will not survive. Every day brings new changes from privacy concerns to the global warming crisis. We desperately need the instant answers and direction our creative mind has for us as we move through our days. The simple technique I’ve highlighted above will make this happen. If used as directed, I guarantee that you will experience a major positive change in just seven days or your money back!

For those, especially women, interested in learning to overcome fear and chaos and understanding how powerful they are, Stephen has founded The Institute for Creative Living, both a virtual and physical center for learning how to use our creative survival intelligence, to live more safely and prosperously in every way. He has just opened the Yoda Academy for those who want to learn how to use the real energy of the force to protect themselves, help others, and influence world events such as conflicts and violent weather. We are enlisting the synergistic engagement of those who want to work together to use our powerful minds to make this world a better place. Please see the home page of this site for details. There is one simple thing that can transform our lives, and that information is free on this site.