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We Have a New Mind for this Crazy World

This is the first entry on this brand new blog. We’re thrilled to begin this open dialog with our global family!

My name is Stephen, a mind explorer with almost forty years of experience healing the mind as a psychotherapist. I am no longer a therapist, because I have found a much better way to help people get their minds back. In fact, what I’m doing now is helping people replace their old mind with a new mind that’s much more powerful and much more suited to this fast-paced, crazy new world we live in now. All of this is so obvious, so intuitive that you will wonder why you didn’t  see it yourself. You’ve been programmed not to see it.

I’m the current writer but there will be many more. It’s been a long journey to this new crossroads. From the incredible experience from 1981 to 1986 when, as her therapist, I helped Nancy heal herself of terminal cancer, through the eighteen-year process of writing about the discovery of the quiet whisper that guided us through a five-year healing adventure, and to the development of the website and blog.

There’s so much to talk about as we move into this exciting new phase in the development of the human mind. What other kinds of minds are there but the human mind? Who knows what’s out there in the universe. What we do now know is that our mind is so much more powerful than we ever imagined, but we’re using it dangerously and ineffectively. The dangerous way we use our mind is like a seven-year-old child trying to drive a ten-ton piece of earth-moving equipment down a busy city street. Someone is going to get hurt. The fact is, billions of people are hurting.

It may be difficult at first to accept that for the last four hundred years or so, our minds have been accidentally hijacked, by the ever-increasing influence of science, and programmed to use almost exclusively only a small and ineffective function of that marvelous mind. That, again, is like trying to pull that ten-ton piece of equipment out of the mud with a tricycle. Our old mind is out-of-date and dangerous, but it’s being replaced with a new mind, much like our baby teeth were replaced with the adult ones. And, like the adult teeth, the new mind is already there just waiting to come to the surface. In this case, however, it must  be a conscious choice to allow it to happen.

Come join us as we explore a new mind we already have. Your comments and questions are most welcome.

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