The One Survival Secret

Being in the NOW

    Beauty is Only Now

     There’s been lots of chatter about being in the now, living in the moment, but I haven’t seen nor heard any that give us a simple way of doing that–and, more importantly, of staying there. Is living in the moment even desirable and possible? Yes, it defintely is, because being in the now is really our primary, natural state of mind. It’s when our brain is balanced, we are most alert and how we use more of its potential to live every day to the fullest. Not only is it desirable and possible, but it also is essential for living in the 21st century with its increasing challenges. In fact, we will not survive nor prosper without it. 

      If it’s natural, why aren’t we just living that way? Are you ready for some radical information? We have been brain-washed by science over the last four hundred years! Brain-washed to believe that our analytical, thinking brain is the most important function of our brain, so we are overthinking everything. This causes our brain to stimulate electromagnetic static that actually blocks it from being in the present moment. So all we have to do is get out of our own way and let our natural state just be. How do we allow something to be normal that has been blocked by many years of contrary programming and belief. Finding that answer is essential to our lives, and it’s free on this site. We are now misusing our brains to such an extent that we are not only killing ourselves slowly through fear and stress but putting our whole global family in jeopardy. I call it reverse evolution or de-evolution because we are actually getting less intelligent and less able to protect ourselves and our species.  

The Way to Do is to BE

      Don’t be misled and distracted by the progress we seem to be making in the world of things, the world of technology, the world of doing. Behind the door of all that doing is a world of hurting. People are suffering a slow and painful death by focusing on thinking and doing and not being and doing. Over-thinking wastes huge amounts of our energy that we need to support our health and wellbeing. Forty-five hundred years ago, the Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu said, “The way to do is to be.” Our primary state of mind is one of being, and from that pregnant state comes the natural doing that flows from the power of our creative mind. Einstein said that he never made a discovery with his thinking brain. Inventors and artists tell us that all of their new and creative ideas came to them in a moment of quiet and calm. Einstein would sit in the back of the bus going to work because it was quiet there. In that quiet time, he got his most important inspirations like his first clue to the monumental general theory of relativity. Yes, in the back of the bus going to work. In a quiet, peaceful moment by himself when his creative mind could get through all the chatter to show him this immensely important reality.

Our Source of Safety is Within Us

     We all have this ability to receive very important information every moment of every day as we move through our lives. Information that we need to live creatively, in a new way that will bring immense value to our lives if we are free to be and to see what our creative mind is telling us. This most important part of our mind is always trying to get through to us with these inspirations that will transform our lives into the wellspring of being and doing that we naturally are, instead of the black hole of constant stress and fear that we live with now. 

     For most, this is hard to believe because science has led us to believe that our thinking brain can solve all of our problems. It cannot because its only function is to solve technical problems that we already have the answers to in our memory banks, our libraries or someone else’s brain we call an expert. In other words, our thinking brain contains the knowledge and information collected over millions of years of human experience, but it does not have the information we need to solve new problems that we face every day in this challenging new world. Only our creative brain, our ancient ancestors’ survival secret, can give us new insights that can solve our new problems as we move through our lives in this 21st Century.

Our Survival Secret

     I call our creative brain our ancient ancestors survival secret because they had relatively little experience or knowledge to live their lives. What guided them to solve their immense survival challenges was their creative brain that showed them what to do and how to live to maximize their chances of survival. Without that inspiration guiding them, we would not be here today. We have inherited that creative ability but are not using it, because we are overestimating the ability of our thinking, analytical brain that appears to be the tool that is opening up so many doors to new information and knowledge. But, it is actually our creative brain that is coming up with all of these new ideas, and then we verify them and implement them with our analytical brain. 

       Every new invention or discovery is preceded by the flash of a new inspiration that is the basis of these inventions and discoveries. Every scientific research project is preceded by such a flash we call a hypothesis, a new possibility. But we are not aware of this creative activity because science is not allowing us to be aware of it. Science primarily focuses on the role of our analytical brain in the “scientific method” and is missing the key piece our creative brain is playing in the process of discovery. It lumps them both together and makes it look as if our analytical brain is making the discoveries. It is definitely not.   

     By focusing on our analytical, thinking brain, we have become addicted to it and believe it is the tool that can solve every problem. With this misguided focus, we are keeping our brain out of balance, and missing the key function that will protect us and guide us in our challenging future that is already upon us. Balancing our brain and using more of it, is simplicity itself. That is the natural way our brain is designed to work, and we are getting in our own way. All we have to do is to get out of the way, and our brain will balance itself and work the way it is always naturally trying to do while we are blocking it.

The Solution is Simple

There is a simple, science-based technique free on this site, that will balance our brain and train it to automatically keep us calm, relaxed and clear most of the time. Then we will naturally be aware of our creative brain streaming to us all of the data and information we need as we move through our lives moment by moment. There will be no other way to survive the challenges that are coming our way in the very near future, because our thinking, analytical brain doesn’t have the knowledge to guide us in this new world. We are now much like our ancient ancestors who also had little experience to count on and had to use their creative brain to survive. Without using our creative brain, we will not survive much longer, because fear will overwhelm us to the point where we are either frozen and immobile or lashing out indiscriminately at imaginary enemies. 

     We are all aware that there is a group of insane, criminal killers who are using fear to gain the upper hand in the world today. They can only succeed if they cause enough fear to drive a wedge between civilized countries which must unite against this cancer. Fear is the only thing to fear. As Winston Churchill said seventy years ago when the nazis were bombing London, “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” He was right then, and he still is today, because fear will twist our minds to do destructive things. Now, however, we know exactly what fear is and how to cure it. Fear is only thought, and we have the power to control and even eliminate it. You now have the secret. It’s up to you what you do with it. 

For those, especially women, interested in learning to overcome fear and chaos and understand how powerful they are, Stephen has founded The Institute for Creative Living™, both a virtual and physical center for learning how to use our creative, survival intelligence, to live more safely and prosperously in every way. There is one simple thing that can transform our lives, and that information is free on this site

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