In Search of Our Lost Mind

​​The Human Race Has Lost Its Mind

The human race has, in fact, lost the use of a very important part of its mind. This is why we are having such increasingly difficult problems today, and our survival will depend of getting it back. This will be the subject of my next book. For those of you who have not been following this blog, my first book, The Whisper in Your Heart, is the story of how I helped Nancy heal herself of terminal cancer by finding in her mind a special intelligence, that we all have, that guided us on a five-year healing adventure that not only cured her illness but healed my life as well. The Whisper is, objectively, one of the most important books ever written. In fact, it may be not only the ultimate self-help book, but a road map for pulling the human race back from the brink of destruction.  It shows exactly how to heal and balance the brain, so that all of the answers, both personal and global, we need throughout our lives are readily available to us whenever we need them.

We Are Being Held Hostage by Science

However, I’ve come to realize that, although it was written simply and clearly, most humans cannot relate to The Whisper, either because they don’t believe it, or because they don’t understand it. They don’t believe nor understand, because they have been programmed by science to misuse their mind by only seeing the pieces of an issue and not the whole picture. They have been programmed to expect and wait for research to support and prove an assertion, instead of using their own creative intelligence to know what the truth is; and, we have no more time to wait. We have an amazing ability to know the difference between truth and falsehood, but most have no idea how to access and use it. Science has brainwashed us into believing that we must depend on it to protect us from false theories, even though science itself has lost its credibility by using its influence to support questionable causes with questionable science for unquestionable monetary gain. So, science itself is suspect, and humans have lost the ability to see for themselves, to trust their own instincts. We have become dependent on science to tell us what to accept or not; so, now we are left with nothing to protect us. Nothing but our own wonderful creative, intuitive mind that not only do we still have, but which has been evolving with us through all of twists and turn of human development and is now completely prepare to guide us in this new kind of world we live in that we have never experienced before.

We Need Our Whole Brain to Guide and Save Us

Our rational, thinking brain cannot guide us in this new world, because it cannot, and has never been able to, show us how to solve new problems. All it has ever been able to do is solve problems that we already have the answers to in our own memory banks or libraries; in other words, problems that we have already solved with our creative intelligence. Only our creative brain can solve new problems, and new problems are what are overwhelming us today. Albert Einstein, one of our greatest geniuses said that he never made a discovery with this thinking brain. Albert was a “stereo-brain,” or someone who used his whole brain and not just the part that we have been programmed by science to use. He received the “inspiration” of a new answer through his creative mind and then verified it with the math that he had stored in his analytical, thinking brain. Check out how he first “thought” about the critically important question of relativity, and you will see that it had nothing to do with this analytical, thinking part of the brain.

Not only is our analytical, thinking brain unable to solve our new problems, but it is getting in our way of receiving all of the accurate information flowing to us from our creative intelligence, information that we desperately need right now to protect ourselves and create the kind of world that will nurture us in the future. In Search of Our Lost Mind, will trace how, over the last five hundred years or so, science has accidentally programmed us to  overuse the analytical function and so stuff our conscious mind with twelve lanes of rush-hour traffic of unnecessary thought that not only block the creative, intuitive function of our brain but waste our energy and create overwhelming  fear, anxiety and stress.

 We Already Have a New Mind Waiting to Guide Us

We now desperately need our creative mind to show us how to solve all the new problems we face every day as we move through this entirely new world we are living in. Our creative mind is the part of our mind that has shown us how to solve the many problems we have faced already from our primitive days until now, and that played the greatest part in helping us survive until we have become seven billion strong on the earth right now. It was this creative mind that discovered fire, invented tools, and created art, music and the iPhone; and, it is that same creative mind that will show us how to survive and thrive in the crazy, new world in which we live now. Not only do we still have that creative mind, but it has actually evolved with us through the ages and is ready and able to guide us through this next phase of human evolution that we are now going through.

For those interested in evolving their life to a higher level and living better now,  Stephen, a psychotherapist and mind explorer for four decades, has founded The Institute for Creative Living,  both a virtual and physical center for learning how to use our minds more creatively and live our lives more safely and prosperously in every way. All of the key information is free. He is interviewing a few local (Tucson, Arizona) and Internet students who are sincerely interested in learning to teach what he has learned. He speaks on many topics of health and wellness, but especially enjoys teaching children how to use their whole mind to protect themselves from danger and stress, and guide themselves to a life of abundance of all kinds.

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