What If Aging Were a Hoax?

Aging is a Disease

Be Free!

The hoax is not deliberate of course, but one brought about by our ignorance and observation of false reality–and the desire of corporations to sell their pro-aging products.

There is more and more research that’s leaning to the notion that aging is a disease, and we can cure it. We can at least extend life significantly, to perhaps a hundred and fifty years. We are aging much too quickly, and the results are devastating for all of us except the pro-aging corporations.

We’re Programmed to Age

From the time we are born, we are being programmed to age at predictable stages and with predictable injuries, illnesses, and handicaps. “Old people” are expected to be less capable, less flexible, and more prone to all of the above. But what’s the difference between a person that dies at sixty and one that dies at a hundred and twenty? Researchers have asked centenarians their secrets, and they vary greatly from smoking to non-smoking, drinking alcohol to abstaining from it completely. Marriage is a boon to many, but there are those who see never being married as their secret. If there’s one thing most will agree on is that having a pet, especially a dog, helps them to age gracefully and “live long and prosper.”

The Force is Real

“May the Force be with You,” is another famous phrase that says it all, because the Force is real and there is nothing we can do outside of that incredible power and everything we can do within it. This is a little known fact that determines every aspect of our lives whether aware of it or not. If aware, we live in peace and calm, knowing that all is well with the universe and in our lives. This is not something that one needs to “believe,” because belief is only accepting something on the word of another. We can discover the power of The Force by learning how to be in it and use it.

A Simple Solution

There is a simple but powerful technique that will train the brain to automatically be in the Force and use it. It’s free and available on this site. If you’re ready for it, you’ll use it. If you do as prescribed, it will work and you’ll know it in no uncertain terms because The Force will make itself known to you. Everyone has a connection to The Force because it holds us all in existence and will let us know what we need to do to live well and prosper.

The connection between you and The Force is the right hemisphere of your brain, the part of your brain that comes up with every new idea you’ll ever have. Liam McGilchrist has written a book called The Master and the Emissary, about the differences between the right and left hemispheres. The three hundred pages of research he’s done concludes that the right hemisphere is the master of our mind, and the left is its emissary. After all of those pages and research, he admits that he doesn’t know why. The answer is that our right hemisphere communicates with The Force naturally and is the conduit for all of the details about our lives that are available to us if we are aware. To be aware is just to be, and to be is the beginning of all knowledge. Some forty-five hundred years ago, the Chinese philosopher said, “To be is to do.” Doing comes from being, and being is natural to who we are. Unfortunately, most of us have become human doings and not human beings.

The Secret is to Just to Be

Once we learn how to just be, all the knowledge we need is available to us as we move through our days, protecting and guiding us. I haven’t been to a doctor in over thirty years, and my wife and I haven’t had health insurance for more than forty years and brought up two children without it. We are in constant touch with The Force through our right hemisphere, or what I call our innate intelligence. My book, The Whisper in Your Heart: An Ancient Secret for Modern Survival and Prosperity, documents how I helped Nancy heal herself of a terminal illness by finding her innate intelligence within her that knew why she was killing herself and how to cure her. Her inner wisdom guided us on a five-year healing adventure, not only to cure her illness but to heal my life as well and to give me the knowledge to spread the word about this amazing power we have

For example, as I sit here in my favorite cafe, I’m aware that in our new crazy world it could be a “soft target” for a terrorist. But I know that I’m safe here right now because my innate intelligence would let me know if I were in danger. It would know if there’s a disturbance in The Force coming my way and would urge me to leave. We all have this ability but most humans have no idea that they have it nor how to use it. 

So, getting back to the topic of this post, we know how to protect our health and how to live a long and prosperous life. It’s all there within us waiting to be known. The famous, popular scientist Carl Sagan said, “There are many wonderful things just waiting to be discovered.” Our innate intelligence is the most important of these wonderful things and is now there for you to discover and use to protect and extend your life. 

For those, especially women, interested in learning to overcome fear and chaos and understand how powerful they are, Stephen has founded The Institute for Creative Living™, both a virtual and physical center for learning how to use our creative, survival intelligence, to live more safely and prosperously in every way. There is one simple thing that can transform our lives, and that information is free on this site.

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