My Grandfather made America Great

He Was a Giant Among Millions

We All Start from

My grandfather was an Italian immigrant who came here at the age of twelve with nothing. He’s one of the many that made America great because America was great to him. The Statue of Liberty received him with open arms because at twelve years old, he was one of the millions of “tired and poor” that She welcomed in at Ellis.

He Started from Scratch

His first job was quite magnificent, cleaning the buckets the patrons of a saloon used to empty their mouths of the tobacco and other expectorants. Of course, he didn’t steal that job from anyone walking the streets in New York at that time. By the time he was eighteen, he was the supervisor in an iron factory. When he was in his early thirties, he owned that factory, and before the age of fifty, he was a millionaire. “Big Papa” as we grandkids lovingly called him was a physically big guy when we got to know him. Big and gentle but also firm in his expectations that we carry on his legacy with respect and honor. 

After moving to St. Catherine’s, Canada for a while to learn more about iron manufacturing, he settled in upstate Utica, New York, also known as “Sin City.” That small city was a hub of mafia activity that was mean and nasty. My mother told us the story of how she witnessed a mafia hit job only about a hundred yards from where she, as a young girl, was standing in front of her family home. She said she was looking toward the lovely park that graced the neighborhood when a man dressed in a white suit walked out of the park entrance. Suddenly, a car drove by and she heard a “pop, pop, pop”. As the car whizzed on, she saw the white suit, now red with blood, collapse to the ground. 

During the Great Depression, Big Papa’s iron foundry burned to the ground. Of course, the manufacturing of iron for manhole covers and car parts required iron heated to melting temperatures; so an accidental fire was always possible. Still, there were persistent “rumors” that the mafia had burned it down, because Big Papa wouldn’t cooperate with them. That became more of a possibility when he was later made an honorary sergeant in the city police force. Anyway, Big Papa built the foundry up again, and it and he became a fixture in the city’s history for many years. 

When my mother married my father, who came from a poor family and was a “street kid,” Big Papa made it clear that he was the patriarch of the family. All my childhood years were spent in the home next door to his, and his other children lived in three homes directly on the other side of him. Kind of like the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port. As another family story goes, when my father decided to move our family away from “the compound,” and actually went so far as to put five hundred dollars down on a house a few miles away, Big Papa said “NO,” and my Dad lost the money. I’m sure BIg Papa paid him back, but the point is that no one disobeyed him. He was generous and made it clear that his children and their families would never go without if they obeyed his rules. We never went without. This explains the big difference between what that kind of security did for me, and my wife’s family that struggled financially during the Great Depression as millions did. She now needs to have food and other “necessities” on the shelf before they run out, whereas I deliberately let items I use regularly run out, knowing that there’ll always be more when I want it.  

One of the Millions but a Standout    

Big Papa was an icon in the city and is featured in a book about Italian Americans. My point is obvious, immigrants built America and made it great, and my grandfather was one of the millions. Without these wonderful and resourceful people that put their lives on the line to come here, the Statue of Liberty would have no meaning at all and would never have been gifted to us by the country of France in the first place. Thank you, France for recognizing the greatness of my grandfather and all the others that struggled and sacrificed to make it all happen. So, when anyone talks down to and about immigrants, they are really ignorant in the true sense. Which means not being aware, not knowing the truth of a situation. In this case, not knowing that immigrants made this country what it is, great and welcoming to the world’s persecuted and poor who are looking for a better life for themselves and their families. How can we say no to them and still remain the wonderful “city on the hill” that the world looks to for inspiration.? We can’t because the USA is a key player in the globalization of the world. Yes, globalization is an evolutionary experience that’s been happening since humans first colonized the earth. We’ve been coming together from the four corners of the earth and merging together in a massive movement to prove that we are really one family.

We are All One Spirit, One World

Science is coming closer to proving that our consciousness is a universal experience and that we are all one spirit, one world. It’s time to recognize this reality and open to the wonders of every nation and people. Take them in and take from their wisdom what is best to heal our troubled world that looks now only at how we differ and not how we are the same. The core of our being is the same powerful spirit, the same Force, call it God if you wish, that empowers everything that exists and outside of which we can do nothing. This Force is moving us closer and closer together, and we must now look past the superficial differences and see the core of our being that is the same or we will suffer the collision of the different superficial traits that can keep us apart. 

It is only fear that looks at difference as a threat, but fear isn’t real. It is only a thought that triggers the emotion we recognize as fear. Of course, there are dangers, but it is the heightened awareness of our true intelligence that will recognize those dangers and act appropriately to mitigate them.

We are Still Children

As my daughter once wisely said, “We are children masquerading as adults.” It’s time to grow up. It’s time to become the truly enlightened beings that we are and use our incredible brains to our full advantage. Here on this site is a science-based technique that will, if used as directed, train your brain to automatically keep you calm, relax and clear. With this clear mind, you will see what needs to be done in your life and do it easily to “live long and prosper.”  There’s no need to believe this. Just do it, and you will experience the amazing result for yourself.


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