The Golden Globes’ Nasty Women

Be Careful of the Backlash

It’s begun, the year of nasty women and the #MeToo backlash. It will fuel the anger and violence of the “primitive male” even more than ever. You see, there is huge difference between primitive males, the likes of which have been abusing women for thousands of years, and real men who appreciate real women and support them.  

I’ve written a number of posts and Twittered a number of famous women, warning of what would happen if nasty women exploded the #MeToo movement into a hostile put-down-men movement. There’s still time for women to understand why primitive males commit sexual abuse, and for them to learn how to modify their behavior to lessen the likelihood these males would backlash. But the Golden Globes, and especially Oprah’s speech, made it appear that they aren’t listening and the result will be catastrophic.

Sexual Abuse is a Pathological Condition in Response to Fear

Sexual abuse is not a character flaw, it is a pathological condition thousands-of-year-old. This “primitive male” addiction will continue and get worse in a “nasty woman” world. What women don’t realize is that the dark secret kept for all these years is that these primitive males are terrified of real women. Did you know that skirts were designed to make access easier for males? In the movie, Search For Fire, Daryl Hannah is shown at the edge a river bending over to get a drink. A male runs up behind her, flips up her short leather covering and rapes her. The setting of this movie is many thousands of years ago, and the history of gender inequality probably goes back at least that far. The secret of all gender inequality is that men and women are not equal, women are superior, and primitive males have always know it and fear their taking control. A study of the aboriginal culture in Australia which, at an estimated 60,000 years, is the oldest continuous culture on the planet and still male-dominated.

More Violence Will Follow

The more “nasty” women dig into their new-found freedom, and the more they reach higher levels of influence, the more primitive males will respond with more violence. Have you heard of “stealthing?” It’s the latest, most violent effort of primitive males to keep women oppressed and “in their place.” Let me make it clear, primitive males are definitely in the minority. Real men admire and support real women, and there are many more of them who would never think of sexually abusing a woman, because they know that sexual intimacy is a privilege.

Who are the Real Women?

Real women are those that use their brains much more effectively than males. They have no need to be nasty women. Unfortunately today, many women are using their brains more like men to get ahead in this male-dominated world. Such a world is primitive-male-dominated, because this kind of male is very aggressive and cunning and has manipulated his way into positions of power. Women who give up their natural superiority for advancement are playing into the primitive-male strategy to get these women under their control and keep them there.

Why are Primitive Males Afraid of Real Women?

There are three primary reasons why primitive males fear real women, and these are the basis of sexual abuse that will continue and get worse until women understand what’s really happening. Check out the post, Mother’s What Your Daughters Must Know. Yes, be strong, but be kind. “Think like a woman, and act like a man,” and you will always make progress in your life and make life so much easier for other women, no matter what you desire to accomplish.

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