Finding Joy

Starting a New Life with a Whole Mind

A Fresh Start…                       A Radical Makeover

The Next Step…                                    Finding joy

A  Journey To Wholeness with The Power of Mind

Look at the joy in this baby’s face! What does she see?

What does she know?  What inner freedom she has!

The Child Knows...

The Child Knows...

Transform your life to make room for Finding Joy

What STEALS our JOY? How does that happen?

How can we GET it BACK?

Joy is a Gift waiting to be Received!

Stephen has discovered that the human mind has  been conditioned by centuries of faulty programming that has left us with only a small, ineffective part of it that is not the right tool to solve our overwhelming problems of today. To do that job, we need the whole mind, the power of the human mind with all our creative and rational powers intact. This site shows you just how to find and use the whole mind to eliminate fear, get the joy back, and find a new life. The human personality and human behavior must drastically change very soon if we are to solve the dilemma in which we find ourselves. We can do this by starting a new life with a new mind we already have.

We can find this new mind by BREAKING FREE from the prison of our unnecessary thoughts and belief systems, because our mind is really the GATEWAY to our soul where all the answers are ~ The SAME life-saving answers for all of us.

And, OUR SOUL is the gateway to finding the life joy that child knows.  It’s waiting for us when we are willing to let go of the pain and step into the light, quieting down the rush-hour traffic of thoughts and discovering the inner voice of wisdom, our soul guide to finding joy.

We need to BREAK out of our mind’s prison now. Each one of us needs it. Our global family needs it. The universe is calling for it. NOW!

Do you hear THE WHISPER in your heart, the inner voice? Follow me, it says, and leave the pain behind. In  the journey toward wholeness, and finding the truth, I will never lead you astray but will guide you to your purpose and speak to you in your own voice.

But, how do we find a new mind and hear that  STILL, SMALL VOICE, through all our head noise? First, we clear away enough of the chatter by taking one step. It really is simplicity itself, and the next step in creating lasting inner calm and  emotional freedom.

It’s part of THE NEXT STEP in the growth of human intelligence, and it’s an intelligently designed thing, but not a dogma thing. In fact, you don’t even have to believe it.  Just learn to take back your mind and  be open to the possibility, just one click away.

Finding Happiness and Joy Is An Inside Job!

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