Fear Wracks Our World as Humans Become Less Intelligent

Psychological Fear is a Sign of Disabled Intelligence

Headlines like the following are a small sample of the fear-based, and probably hyped, news that triggers mass hysteria: Japan Nuclear Crisis Causes Run on Anti-radiation Pills (At this moment, supplies of potassium iodide are dwindling and price gouging and profiteering is widespread.), Japan Crisis May Cause All Cars to Cost More This Summer, Cost of Oil Rises as Bahrain Violence Causes Concern, Fear Sparks Run on US Pharmacies, China Suspends New Nuclear Plants.

The last one is actually an intelligent reaction to danger, because intelligence, not fear, is the appropriate response to danger. There’s a huge difference between fear and danger, fear and intelligence. Nuclear melt-downs are a real danger, and it is intelligent to step back and evaluate both the risks and rewards of our current plants nuclear policies. Psychological fear, on the other hand, is nothing but thought in the form of memory and is the worst danger. For example, there were instant comparisons being made between Japan’s nuclear crisis and Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, memories that bring back the worst, the horrors of nuclear holocaust and nuclear plants gone bad. Memories that trigger fear, fear that the same thing could immanently happen to us. The same thing could happen to us, that’s true, but that is a danger that should stimulate intelligent action, not fear. Fear only blocks and disables our creative intelligence so that we cannot see the solutions that could save us, or pushes us to take action that may be dangerous, like taking iodine pills that could cause harm in the absence of radiation.

We are Becoming Less Intelligent

Psychological fear infects our lives all the time. Our marvelous brains have an amazing ability to come up with life-saving solutions if they are free to do that. That’s why we humans have been able to survive and thrive for so long, but now we are handicapped. We are becoming less and less intelligent, because our protective creative, intuitive brain is being blocked by the onslaught of psychological fear that actually stands in the way of our protecting ourselves. In much more primitive times, our ancestors had the ability to see and confront danger, real danger, directly and find a way to save themselves, either by fighting or running away. We call that the fight or flight respond, and it is a natural and powerful protective mechanism. In these so called modern times, our fight, flight response is a death response, because it is killing us instead of saving us.

Real Danger Demands Intelligent Action

Fear kills, intelligence saves. There are obviously a lot of really dangers in our world today, possibly more than at any other time in our history, but that’s why it is crucial that we understand the difference between psychological fear and real danger. Real danger is an in-your-face threat to our well-being, like the probability of nuclear disasters and the reality of nuclear waste and its proliferation and transformation in to dirty bombs. Psychological fear is a reaction to an imagined threat triggered by thoughts, memories. Real danger calls for immediate action based on intelligence that sees the danger clearly and acts precisely to avoid or confront it. Martial arts masters train themselves to face real danger with a clear mind, because they know that their life depends on their ability to react quickly and accurately. Fear of any kind impedes our ability to act in the best way possible, but psychological fear is the worst, because it stimulates powerful hormones that are our bodies defense in the face of real danger. These hormones give us the strength to fight or run away. But, in the face of fear caused by memory, there is nothing to fight and nowhere to run; so, these hormones have nowhere to go, and they implode, destroying us cell by cell. Having an access of cortisol, one of the stress hormone, in our body, which happens to most of us everyday, is like bathing our joints, muscles and organs in acid. This gradually breaks down our cells and destroys our body, causing the many stress-related diseases that are killing multi-millions of people ever year and debilitating millions more.

There is  a Solution

Fear is becoming the worse pandemic and will be our destruction, unless we understand what it is and learn how to let it go, because it will cause us to make mistakes that may be irreparable. Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate psychological fear, but unfortunately it is simple and free. It is unfortunate, because what is simple and free in our world today is considered “too good to be true” and disregarded. This would be very unfortunate indeed. Alpha Neuro Training is a simple, science-based technique that I developed for myself when I was in a terrible emotional state that was destroying my marriage and perhaps even my life. I was wracked with unknown and unreal fears that were causing me to rage, and that rage was triggering depression, anxiety and vague feelings of not wanting to live anymore. Now, fear and stress don’t even know where I live anymore. I urge you to keep an open mind and investigate it with an open heart. The results will amaze you.

If you’re looking for more information about how to find and use the power of the special intelligence you already have to evolve your life to a higher level, check out ANewMind.Net and/or contact Stephen at stephen@anewmind.net. Stephen is accepting new local (Tucson, Arizona) and Internet students until May 2, 2011.

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