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The Lives of Children are no Longer Carefree

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Our world is rapidly changing, so rapidly that it’s breath-taking. It use to be, not long ago, that remarks about how fast time passed belonged to the elderly, but not any more. Even the children are amazed at how quickly time passes. I remember enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with my son and his family. The adults were talking about Christmas fast approaching. Suddenly, my ten-year-old grandson blurted out, “Where did November go!” It was then that I began to notice other children making similar remarks. I had pick up another grandson, now thirteen, at school toward the end of the school year. Now, it’s not unusual to hear a children complain that the summer vacation is all too short, but when you hear a child say, “That year went by fast, Papa,” as I did that day, we know something unusual is happening.

Stress Is Hurting Our Children, Too

Our kids are under a lot of stress today, and that’s only going to increase as we move deeper into this century. Fortunately, there is a way to help them not only deal with that stress now, but for the rest of their lives. Alpha Neuro-Training™ is a simple, science-based technique I developed when I was in bad emotional shape, and it turned my life around and made it so much more simple and joyful. More importantly, it has given me my mind back, and I can honestly say now that, “Stress doesn’t even know where I live anymore!” Sound crazy? It’s true, and I do not have any special powers, I have just been fortunate to stumble onto this amazingly simple but powerful way to take control over my own mind. Anyone can do it, even children, and the technique is free on this site.

I realized, however, that the concentration span of children is less than that of an adult; so, I’ve developed a short form that has worked very well. I remember a sixth grader, call him Jake, coming to see me and saying that he had trouble with his bus driver who had had an intense disliked for his older brother. The driver had transferred his dislike to Jake and was making his life miserable. Not only was Jake’s bus ride a hell, but he was not doing well in school either. Just waiting for the bus in the morning was making him frightened and sick. There was no question in my mind that this was contributing to his difficulties in school as well.

After we talked about it for a while, and I could see that Jake was relaxing a bit, I suggested that I show him a little “trick” that might help him with the bus driver. His eyes brightened, he moved to the edge of his seat and was all ears. I asked him to sit back in his seat, close his eyes, put his thumb and first two fingers together on each hand, and take three deep breaths letting them out slowly. I asked him to repeat the deep breathing three more times. When he finally opened his eyes, they were bright and shinning. He smiled broadly and said, “Wow, what was that. I feel great!” I suggested that he do this simple thing before he went to bed at night, and when he woke up in the morning. It only takes about a minute. I then asked him to do it while he waited for the bus, just before class, and before any test he had to take. The next week Jake came bounding into my office, smiling broadly and obviously very anxious to tell me something. “It worked,” he blurted out! “I couldn’t believe the first time I got on the bus. The driver didn’t even pay any attention to me. I just smiled at him and went to my seat. And, that same day I aced a test. I can’t believe it! It’s so easy!” Jake’s positive experiences continued, and he past the year with good marks. I’d like to say that he and the bus driver became friends. They didn’t, but at least they didn’t aggravate each other, and Jake had fun with his friends and did well in school that year.

This simple technique called Alpha Training for Children™, has the same power it does for adults. It changes the neuron pathways in the brain, deleting old habits and substituting new and better ones. You don’t have to believe it, but neither do I have to believe in electricity when I enter a dark room; but, I do have to flip the switch if I want to turn on the light.


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