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The Child Knows…

THE INSTITUTE FOR CREATIVE LIVING™ is both a physical and a virtual center for learning how to use our amazing, creative mind to take charge and live the kind of life we all say we really want, a life of inner peace, tranquility, safety and abundance of all kinds.

The time has come when we have the conscious choice and ability to take charge of our own evolution and lift ourselves to a higher level of living, and the Institute can train you to do this. Enter, here, a world in which the synergy of psychology and spirituality makes it possible for the whole mind to consciously take its rightful place in healing and human knowing and growing; and, human beings learn to become the masters of their minds and their lives.

                         The  Yoda Academy™

In the latest effort to train ourselves to become the masters of our minds and our lives, The Institute for Creative Living is initiating the Yoda Academy, born from the inspiration that ‘the force’ is real, and from the realization that we are immersed in it and sustained by it, we use and misuse it; and, most of all, that we can learn how to use it together for the betterment of all humankind in this very challenging world.

The Yoda Academy will accept anyone in our world who is willing to write an email request for membership, explaining why they want to join. The academy members will learn to use the energy of the force for their own physical and mental well being, for personal healing and to send healing energy to others and to our world. As a group, we will unite to merge and send our energy for a specific purpose, and at a specific time to, for instance, mitigate a violent conflict or alter a dangerous storm pattern. We have already had success in changing the course of hurricanes.  Members of the Academy will be taught a powerful, physical demonstration of our ability to use the power of the force that will convince anyone that the force is indeed real.

If interested, please send your request in the form of a clear email, limited to 500 words, to An acceptance will follow within twenty-four hours. Please include your first or given name, country, preferred language, Twitter account and time zone. Once accepted into the Academy, we will use your email address to provide training in the form of a newsletter, and your Twitter account to communicate the time and date of group projects. Of course, should you have any questions, you can ask them of Stephen at the above email address.

Blessings to all who are using the power of the force to protect themselves, each other and to improve our world with this physical expression of peace and love.

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