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Stephen Scalese is the Founder and Director of The Institute for Creative Living. He was a psychotherapist for more than thirty years, until he discovered a much better way to help people get their minds back. He is now a mind explorer, an educator, a husband of forty-eight years, father, grandfather, puppy papa and author. Stephen has spent the better part of five decades searching for our lost mind by studying and healing the mind, including his own. He has uncovered the wonderful way the mind really works, and solved a key mind puzzle by discovering how our misusing it is blocking our ancient ancestors’ survival intelligence which we all have, and literally killing us through stress-related diseases.

He resigned a promising career as director of a traditional mental health system, and set himself and his young family adrift in search of a more complete answer to living successfully and finding a way to inner peace in our rapidly changing and complicated world; and, he found more than he ever imagined.

During a particularly dark and difficult time in his life, Stephen made a profound discovery about inner healing in the mind of a dying woman that healed her illness and guided him, over time, to a deep transformation of consciousness.

Much of his life in the last thirty years has been spent living his discoveries in a very real world of weakness, disappointment, challenge, and triumph. Never has he sought to avoid the struggle, but has always headed straight into the jaws of the challenge of living to test his discoveries, and they have always guided and protected him.

Stephen is not aligned with any religion nor spiritual tradition. Instead, he teaches how to find wholeness and inner wisdom, call it what you will, that can personally guide us in whatever direction is precisely right for each of us. An essential part of his teaching is a simple method for attaining inner healing and inner calm in a chaotic world and the conscious awareness to live life with a personal confidence far beyond what is commonly recognized today.

His books, The Whisper In Your Heart: An Ancient Secret for Modern Survival and Prosperity, and the Guidebook to the Whisper in Your Heart: Learning to Use Your Survival Intelligence are two of the most important books of this century. The Whisper in Your Heart tells how, as her therapist, Stephen help Nancy to heal herself of terminal cancer by finding within her mind a survival intelligence, that guided them on a five-year healing adventure that not only cured her cancer but healed his life as well. The Guidebook to The Whisper in Your Heart is a handbook and mp3 recording that guides readers on an inner journey to contact and use their survival intelligence spontaneously in their everyday life. After thirty years of personal and clinical study, Stephen knows that we all have such a special intelligence ready to guide us through every challenge of our lives. He teaches how we can access at will that survival intelligence, an essential part of the powerful mind we already have.

Stephen continues to quietly revolutionize our understanding of who we really are with his new model of the mind. He shares his discoveries in writings, healing seminars, private sessions, and workshops with those who have ears to hear and open hearts and are willing to take the inner journey to authentic power. He is easy to reach and easier to talk to, because he likes nothing more than to share this good news.

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