The Power of the Mind to Heal Our Lives

A Powerful Mind

The power of our mind provides us with wonderful abilities, that many people don’t even know they have, for creating a new life; and they give us the skills to simplify life and yet deal with the complex challenges of our rapidly changing world.

For instance, we have a natural ability to automatically quiet our head noise, to see life with laser sharpness, to make the right decisions easily, to be calm and be at peace within, and to know what is best for us in every situation.

These incredible abilities of the power mind can keep us far safer, more secure, and richer in every way, but we’ve lost the use of them over hundreds of years through a kind of de-evolution.

Our Minds Were Hijacked

You see, without our even knowing it, the powerful mind we have has been accidentally programmed, over the last 500 years, by the ever increasing influence of science and technology to focus primarily on our thinking skills and to devalue the tremendous intuitive and creative abilities we have and now so desperately need to solve the personal and global challenges of today.

So, our minds are out of balance, because we are using primarily one function of our multi-functional mind, and the least important, our thought-producing, rational mind.

This shift to overemphasizing the thinking mind has made our brain into a dynamo of damaging stress effects that are literally killing us with stress disorders by overloading our body with powerful stress hormones that have no normal outlets, because we cannot use the fight or flight response. We cannot fight or run away. When those hormones find no normal channels for release, our mind seeks others, such as addictions and/or expressed anger against self or others, to reduce the inner pressure.

So, it is really our thoughts that are killing us, because psychological fear is nothing but thought, the primary cause of stress; and, we have become thought-generating machines that are overwhelming us.

A Conscious Choice

Throughout human history, the whole mind, has been the only tool we have ever had to preserve the human species and show us the way to a better life. But now, our out-of-balance mind threatens to derail any attempts we make to stop the downward trend of human society and create a healing experience in our individual lives and for our planet. Without spiritual renewal a healing experience is not possible; and, without a balanced, whole mind, we will remain lost in our deep and dangerous sleep.

But, we can reverse this damaging trend. It is time to take back our whole mind, achieve mind mastery, self mastery, and lift your life to a new and refreshing level. Not all of us will make it to this next level. This time, those who make the conscious choice to do so will be the ones who do. Come, join us in taking the next step to renew your life by getting acquainted with a new mind you already have.

“To find your answers, you need only
tap into an inner life of emotional freedom and…

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