A New Meditation for a New World


The Media is Becoming Addictive

A New Meditation is Natural

Stay Calm and Alert–Always

We are being dangerously influenced by media sources with data and information that constantly bombard our mind with violent words and images. The subconscious mind absorbs it all and feeds it back to us in the form of fear, because fear is nothing but thought in the form of memory.

The usual coping mechanisms of meditation, exercise, yoga, gigong, biofeedback, etc., can no longer sufficiently protect us from this onslaught, simply because we cannot use these techniques often enough and long enough to make a lasting difference. Their effects do not last long enough to be helpful, and the stress effects of the media onslaught are insidious and cumulative. What we need, and what we now have, is a way to naturally and automatically neutralize the sources of negative information and protect ourselves from damaging thought and the resulting fear.

A New Meditation Can Clear Away Fear 


Because fear is only thought in the form of memory, we can eliminate unnecessary thought and fear from our lives. There is a simple technique which, if used persistently long enough, can change the neuron pathways in our brain and substitute a natural, automatic response that keeps us calm and clear no matter what is happening around us.


The relaxation response was discovered by Herbert Benson, M.D. more than thirty years ago while conducting an experiment at Harvard University. I used it effectively during a very difficult time in my life and developed a way, I call Alpha Neuro-Training™, to re-establish this response in the brain so that it works automatically. The only way to make this work is to use alpha training long enough to permanently change the neuro pathways from hyper-stimulated to relaxed. In our gotta-have-it-now society, our patience and persistence are in very short supply. The simple stimulus-response mechanism associated with alpha training, when established in the brain through persistent use, will instantaneously bring back the alpha or meditative effect any time and anywhere it is used. So we can take the meditative state with us wherever we go. Eventually, when used long enough, this alpha state becomes the natural and primary state of our mind, and our brain automatically senses when we are unnecessarily stressed and automatically brings us back to a clear and balanced state of mind.


When we have achieved this permanent alpha or primary state, our mind is naturally balanced and operates efficiently and effectively. In that state, our creative, intuitive mind sees the big picture of our life easily, will keep us safe, and presents us with solutions to new situations as they arise. Our auxiliary, thinking mind then only kicks in when it is needed to solve problems to which we already have the answers stored in our memory or our libraries. No longer is it free to fill our mind with unnecessary thoughts that create fear and damaging stress, because it is under the control our our creative or primary mind.

This New Meditation is a Simple Way to Balance Our Brain


Such a state of mind is a reality that exists right now. I live in that clear, quiet, creative state most of my day and am not at all special. I have simply discovered that this can be accomplished and share it with you now. Stress doesn’t even know where I live anymore.



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