Men and Women Are Not Equal

Women Give Life

Women Give Life

Men and Women are Not Equal

Women are superior. Of course, both sexes are equal in terms of human rights, but there is a big, dirty secret no one is talking about, because it scares everyone to death, including women. Unleashing this secret may be very dangerous for both sexes, but here goes. Women have been the most abused minority throughout history, bar none. This abuse continues  into the 21st Century, because women are so powerful–and men have always known and feared it, and have controlled them by brute force.

Women are Humanity’s Best Hope

I am an expert in how the mind really works. My credentials are impressive and unshakable. I’ve been a leader and psychotherapist in traditional mental health for 48 years, and a mind explorer for at least thirty of them. I helped a woman cure herself of terminal cancer by finding within her mind an incredible intelligence, we all have, that guided us on a 5-year healing adventure that not only cured her illness but healed my life as well. My book The Whisper In Your Heart: An Ancient Secret for Modern Survival and Prosperity, tells this story but, more importantly, it details how we can all learn to use our ancient ancestors survival intelligence, and we must if we are to survive much longer. I’ve written in the post Women–Humanity’s Best Hope about what is the first startling part of the big secret, men’s fear of women’s sexual power; so, I’ll focus here on the second, women’s superior mental power.

Women Use Our Survival Intelligence

As I said above, we must use our survival intelligence, our creative, intuitive mind, if we are to survive through the 21st century. Women use this creative intelligence, their intuitive mind, much more naturally than men do. They use their brain very differently and more powerfully, but they don’t know it. In fact, they’ve been suppressed for so long that they have bought into the lie that they are the inferior gender. The huge danger now is that more and more women are trying to become like men, even to the point of taking life instead of giving it. They have been brainwashed that this is the way to survive in our left-brain dominant world, the world that men still control with an iron fist. The truth is that women would break every glass ceiling easily if they just used their natural mind. Women thinking like men is one of  the biggest dangers we face in our complicated, rapidly changing world, because we desperately need women’s intuitive, creative mind to lead the way in solving the huge problems that we face. Using his balanced brain is how Albert Einstein came up with his amazing discoveries about our universe. He got his inspirations from this creative mind and then proved them with the math that he had in his analytical, thinking brain. Einstein said that he never used his thinking brain to learn anything new, because that’s not its purpose. It is only the creative, intuitive brain that can give us new solutions to all of the many new problems we face both personally and globally, and women’s creative intelligence is what we need to guide us now.

In the five-year, healing adventure detailed in The Whisper in Your Heart, Nancy and I “stumbled upon” this incredible intelligence that knew exactly why she was killing herself subconsciously and how to heal her. This innate intelligence is actually the creative function that, for most of us, languishes basically unused in a mind that’s cluttered with useless and damaging thought. I call this clutter twelve lanes of rush-hour traffic, the noise and static of which blocks our creative mind from giving us all the information we need to solve our daily dilemmas. Without this input, we are like a blind and deaf person dropped down in the middle of a jungle and expected to find his or her way home. It ain’t going to happen, and the chances of injury and death is very high. We have inherited the same survival intelligence our ancient ancestors used to defend themselves from the challenges of their dangerous world, but we’re not using it.

We Need Our Whole Brain to Survive and Thrive

We need this survival intelligence even more than our ancestors did, because we live in a world that is significantly more dangerous than theirs. Their world was populated by a few thousand to a few million of them, but we have now some eight billion of us roaming all over this tiny planet and clashing with each others belief systems with cataclysmic consequences. We are now armed with sophisticated, deadly weapons of mass destruction that are capable of annihilating us all in a few brief hours. It is a very sensitive job of disarming ourselves and moving in the direction of unity in diversity. Men have brought us to this brink of disaster,  but it is women who can show us how to balance our competitiveness with a sense of cooperation for the common good.We have an incredible brain that can solve all of our problems, but only if we balance it and use both hemispheres. We need the right, creative intuitive hemisphere to show us the whole picture and how we can put it together, and we need the left, analytical hemisphere to actually make it work.

Women’s Intuition is the Missing Key  

We have heard about and talked about women’s intuition forever. Their ability, for instance, to know when their children are in danger. Science has just recognized that humans have what is being called an “inner radar,” which is the ability to know that danger is approaching, so we can prepare for it. This is  how  our ancient ancestors survived. Just consider the human infant and how long it takes for it to get to the point where it can defend itself–almost two decades. On the other hand, a newborn horse can stand up almost immediately after birth and can run in an hour. We don’t have such physical survival skill; so, we have to depend on our innate intelligence to warn us of danger so we can fight or run. In our early days, the human mother bore the brunt of the job of protecting her children while her mate was off hunting; so, this skill was of utmost importance for human survival. Both women and men have it, but in our left-brain dominant world, women use it more naturally than men, because the left brain is more detailed, action-oriented and, as we know, the male has been programmed to believe that action his primary mode of operation. Whereas, the Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism, Lao Tsu, some 2500 years ago, said that “To be, is to do.” Doing flows from being, because our creative mind is the source of every new idea, and it can only be accessed when we are just being, quiet and still. Women tend to naturally be in that being place, our creative mind, more naturally, because their hormones are more receptive oriented than active. Testosterone, the primary male hormone, is a lot more action oriented; so, men have more difficulty just being. In fact, most men feel very uncomfortable being quiet, because it seems like they’re doing nothing when, in reality, being quiet is the beginning of doing everything. Albert Einstein said that quiet is the state of mind that is the opening to the creative, and that’s where his real genius came from.
The bottom line, then, is we just need women be women, to use the creative, intuitive ability they naturally have, and to show men how to do it. We desperately  need this now while we still have a chance to save humanity from the excesses of men. Men are denying women’s superiority, because it threatens their dominance. They give only lip service to the equality of the genders as long as they maintain control. Once this secret is out, and women embrace their power, there will be no stopping them. The problem then will be, will they dominate, or will they cooperate to bring peace to our planet?  That power shift has taken place at least once before in our distant past when women were dominant and screwed up their opportunity, and men were given the chance to see if they could succeed. Obviously, they haven’t. We need both men and women working together to do that.

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