Healing Voice

Healing the Mind With A Healing Voice


Healing the Mind and Achieve Inner Calm with a Healing Voice


Audio I- A Peaceful Place Within

This unparalleled audio creation in Stephen’s healing voice provides a superb and simple way to heal the mind and reactivate its natural inner calm. This will automatically keep you centered and provide a foundation for lasting inner calm and emotional freedom. Healing the mind is the first step to finding a new mind that has all your answers. There are few in the world who know how simply this can be accomplished.

Using this audio in his healing voice as directed, Stephen guarantees that you will experience a recognizable, significant positive result within seven days. With continued use for at least thirty days, you will be well on your way to healing the mind and attaining the authentic power needed to survive and thrive in this new world. The physical and emotional benefits are astounding, and it will be obvious to you  that these changes are taking place. It is highly recommended that you read the instructions for alpha training before using the audio. You may copy and paste them to your computer. The use of the mental and physical signals, that are a key part of the instructions, on a consistent basis is essential to achieving the full benefit of  this amazing discovery.

Whether you purchase this audio or not, it is highly recommended that you use the free, free your mind instructions to guide you in obtaining a natural inner calm that is the foundation of a safe and successful life.

Audio II-Uniting With The Wisdom Within

In this beautifully designed audio journey, in his healing voice, Stephen guides you on a four-part tour of your mind; each track being used for one week. So that by understanding how your mind works, you can create the readiness that will make it much easier to make a conscious choice to listen to the quiet whisper, and use more authentic power waiting to renew your life. This audio provides the opportunity to find and unite with your inner wisdom  and soul guide through a guided imagery meditation. Healing the mind is the natural result of this union, so needed to create true security which is itself the outcome of the confidence of knowing you have all the precise right answers you will ever need.

Audio IA Peaceful Place Within 

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Audio II-Uniting With The Wisdom Within

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Track One

Track Two

Track Three

Track Four

Audio II-Uniting With the Wisdom Within

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