Healing Seminars

An Inner Journey to Authentic Power

It’s really time to take an inner journey to make permanent, dynamic changes in our lives that give us the upper hand in the crazy world we live in. Any of these seminars is a way to start doing that. Breaking free from fear by attaining authentic power is a very practical way to attain true security, because real security only exists within ourselves. It really means getting our life back; and that has everything to do with getting our mind back. Our mind is the gateway to wisdom, and nothing at all of any consequence in human history has ever been accomplished without using our whole mind with its authentic power.

After more than fifty years of personal and clinical study, Stephen understands how the mind works probably better than anyone in the world right now. His healing seminars are life seminars that are mind awakening and packed with immediately useful ways to tap into our life wisdom, our authentic power. This can double the efficiency of the mind, and literally makes possible a completely new way of living above the turmoil of everyday life. Used as directed, what Stephen offers will quiet your mind and produce a consistent inner calm and clarity of mind that is a prerequisite for living safely and successfully in our strange new world.

Stephen’s healing seminars make use of levels of consciousness far superior to the small percentage of the mind we are now using. He has identified how we are misusing our minds, and has developed a new model of the mind that can eliminate fear and severe stress. This model opens the mind to the flow of creative, life-giving knowledge and inner wisdom available to all of us. This inner wisdom or special intelligence is the same authentic power that has guided the world’s great spiritual leaders, philosophers, artist, scientists, and composers on their own inner journey.

Stephen’s teachings in his healing seminars are a key  to the evolution of consciousness that we need  to help us to take the inner journey to attain the authentic power that will guide us in solving the challenges that pressure us individually and globally as we move closer to the age of enlightenment. His practical enlightenment or everyday enlightenment is possible for all of us, and we can have it NOW with all of its many and astounding benefits.

Some Healing Seminar Topics

Stress Resistance Training for Children and Adults

Finding Joy

Finding Your Inner Genius, Your Soul Guide

A New Mind and How to Use It
Eliminate Fear and Stress for Good
Real Health: How to Get and Keep It.
Inner Healing With the Power of Your Mind
True Happiness: How to Find and Keep it.
Decision-making Without Making Decisions
The Power of Thought Demonstrated
Secrets to
Growing Younger
How to Have Real
Personal Confidence
Inner Calm: How to Find and Keep It
Experience An Emotional Makeover
Intelligence Effect: A Natural Calming Ability
The Power of Your Mind to Make or Break You
Mind Mastery at Your Fingertips
Living Well in a Toxic World
Conscious Evolution for Personal Growth
Healing and Protecting the Children With Color Vibrations
Inner Journey to Authentic Power

What People are Saying…

One hour of Stephen’s
seminar gave me more
useful information than all my many years of therapy.”
Linda G., Tucson, AZ.

When I used Stephen’s CD as directed, my blood pressure and blood sugar returned to normal, and I am now able to handle difficult situations so much easier.”
Ginny, Knoxville, TN

I am completely blown away. Now I know beyond a doubt that what Stephen taught me has changed my mean, angry child into the loving person I always knew she was.”
Adreanne, Pittsburgh,Pa.

Stephen’s powerful
seminar and CD turned my life around.”
Lisa E., single Mom & cancer survivor, Phoenix, Az.

Stephen can be reached to arrange a healing seminar by calling 520-445-3147, or emailing him at stephen@anewmind.net.

If you’re looking for still more information and guidance about how to use the power of the new mind you already have, contact Stephen.


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