Why Is It That It’s Mostly Black MEN Who Are Killed?

History Written by Former Slaves Tells the Story

Some are not going to like this post, because it’s the dirty truth. Did you ever wonder why the majority of black people who have been killed are men, and are killed by white men. Why? Reading some of the history written by former slaves gives us a clue. Here’s a description of a female slave in an advertisement from her owner in the Alabama Beacon, June 14th, 1845. “Ranaway, on the 15th of May, from me, a negro woman named Fanny. Said woman is twenty years old; is rather tall, can read and write, and so forge passes for herself. Carried away with her, a pair of ear-rings, a Bible with a red cover, is very pious. She prays a great deal, and was, as supposed, contented and happy. She is as white as most white women, with straight light hair, and blue eyes, and can pass herself for a white woman. I will give five hundred dollars for her apprehension and delivery to me. She is very intelligent.” 1*

Have You Ever Heard of a White Slave?

“She is as white as most white women…” Now, how do you suppose this owner had a white slave? He could have bought her, I suppose, but I doubt there were many white women slaves for sale. The most likely probability is that she was the daughter of his wife’s liaison with one of his male slaves. There’s no doubt in my mind that in those days, the wives of slave owners kept their own slaves who sexually serviced them when they felt the need for it! Her husband may or may not have known about it, but probably he did and just accepted it as just something his wife wanted and to keep her happy. He may have even given him to her for Christmas! After all, slaves were just chattel, property to be used and disposed of as the owner wished. And, to offer five hundred dollars reward for her return was a lot of money in those days, more like five thousand dollars today; so, that slave was very valuable to him. She could have actually been his wife’s daughter!

Once You’ve Had Black…

I don’t think this is far fetched at all. In fact, I think it was very common. And, I think by now we’ve all heard the phrase, “Once you’ve had black, you’ll never come back!” So, it’s also very possible that the owner’s wife didn’t want to have any more to do with her husband’s small dick, and he probably wasn’t very happy about that. That slave may have been more important in the household than he was, and his wife most probably protected him from any retribution from her husband. If this happened as often as I think it did, the word most certainly got around,  and many of the owners’ wives were satisfied and happy but the owners were not; so they found a way to dispose of those big dicks without their wives knowing about it. It was  called the slave patrol.  “These organized groups of white men known as slave patrols lay at the roots of the nation’s law enforcement excesses, historians say, helping launch centuries of violent and racist behavior toward black Americans, as well as a tradition of protests and uprisings against police brutality. *2

*1 Read more about run-away slaves in their own words here. Amazing! https://spartacus-educational.com/USASrunaways.htm

*2  Slave Patrols: An Early Form of American Policing